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Version enables you to quickly capture, save, and build ideas further than you have before. How It Works 1 Grab the Notebook Version has a magnetic bound notebook that can contain anything from paper to whiteboards. 2 Build Your Idea Capture and iterate on your idea. When you are ready, build a descriptive title with brackets. 3 Take a Photo Point the Version app at your note and the titles on the page will turn blue. Digitize your notes with a click. 4 Never Lose Again Version will find your titles and use them for lists - the primary way we find and organize files.
How It Rocks !! Works Anywhere The patent pending app can capture notes anywhere you can photograph. !! Text Search All of your notes will also be indexed for searching. !! Quick Share When you do build something great, sharing is a click away.
How Do You Build
Your Ideas?
We are building a platform to help grow your ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Help us to make it perfect for you to bring your ideas and best self to life.
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